Tujuan Madrasah



  1. In 2016, Implementation Cambridge Examination Curriculum and International Baccalaureate Program
  2. In 2016, Madrasah preparing national Curriculum
  3. In 2016, Building two classes and meeting room, sport field on the 3rd floor too
  4. In 2016, Enhancement teachers quality by workshop
  5. In 2016, Teachers implementation asessment well
  6. In 2016, Enhancement academic achievement leraners by akhlaq final test and olimpic champion
  7. In 2016, Enhancement non academic achievement learners by event that organized by government or others
  8. In 2017, Upgrading teachers to International level by Cambridge and IB Workshop
  9. In 2017, Madrasah implementation national, Cambridge and IB comphrehensif
  10. In 2017, The addition means of learning and sport fullfilled
  11. In 2017, Enhancement comphrehensif management madrasah
  12. In 2017, Enhancement graduate quality especially akhlaq and Check point Cambridge International Examination
  13. In 2017, Enhancement from IB candidate to IB school
  14. In 2017, Enhancement academic achievement especially even that organized by government or others
  15. In 2017, Madrasah has information technology completely
  16. In 2018, Implementation Cambridge and International Baccalaureate Curriculum well
  17. In 2018, Teachers adoption and adaptive three curriculums
  18. In 2018, Learners achievement national examination, Cambridge International Examination and IB also akhlaq based on the teacher and parent asessment.
  19. In 2018, All the classess confortable and fullfilled
  20. In 2018, Madrasah has network International and national Cambridge and IB school
  21. In 2018, Implementation national and international Curriculum upgrade by attend national and international workshop
  22. In 2019, Teachers competent to implementation learning process and national, Cambridge, IB asessment.
  23. In 2019, Enhancement check point Cambridge International Examination
  24. In 2019, Madrasah beautify local area and means supporting the learning process
  25. In 2019, Madrasah has International network to exchange teachers and learners
  26. In 2019, Enhanement academic achievement especially akhlaq and moral also non academic every even that organized by government or others