Tujuan Madrasah



  1. In 2019 digital teaching materials are arranged and implemented.
  2. In 2019 are done full learning changes to smart TV.
  3. In 2019 Madrasah conducted a multimedia- based assessment.
  4. In 2019, Teachers competent to implementation learning process national, curriculum and Cambridge International Assessment in Education.
  5. In 2019, Enhancement check point Cambridge International Examination
  6. In 2019, Madrasah beautify local area and means supporting the learning process
  7. In 2019, Madrasah has International network to exchange teachers and learners
  8. In 2019, Enhancement academic achievement especially akhlaq and moral also non academic every even that organized by government or others
  9. In 2019, Madrasah preparing ASTEAM Program
  10. In 2019, implementation ASTEAM Program
  11. In 2019, Madrasah do training ASTEAM
  12. In 2020 Madrasah is able to run its function as a smart school fully.
  13. In 2020 Madrasah is able to regain the highest UNBK score of MTs level in Sidoarjo district.
  14. In 2020 there is an increase in the score of the school accreditation result
  15. In 2020, Teachers competent to implementation ASTEAM learning
  16. In 2020, Quality improvement of teachers with training ASTEAM
  17. In 2020, Quality improvement of teachers with training TOEFL
  18. In 2020, Quality improvement of teachers in enhancing personal learning through practice
  19. In 2021 Madrasah establish self to be a smart school
  20. In 2021 Madrasah is able to be a reference of Smart School
  21. In 2021, Increasing academic achievement through national and international championship
  22. In 2021, Students have a minimum TOEFL score 400
  23. In 2021, Increasing academic achievement held at the national and international level
  24. In 2021, Improve the quality of school graduates by having adab in accordance with Islamic guidance
  25. In 2021, Madrasah implements an exchange program at the international level
  26. In 2022 all graduates of MIMNU Pucang have a TOEFL score of 500
  27. In 2022 there is an increase in academic and nonacademic achievements at the provincial and national level.
  28. In 2022, Stabilization of implementation ASTEAM
  29. In 2022, Increase in students TEOFL results with a minimum score 450
  30. In 2022, Students are able to produce digital works through the learning process
  31. In 2022, The school exhibits digital works of students to support the quality of graduates
  32. In 2023 Madrasah has a representative laboratory especially digital laboratory.
  33. In 2024 it is done revision of the vision and mission of Madrasah.
  34. In 2024 the digital enhancement is done
  35. In 2025 there is a change in the means of prevailing and pre making facilities to the green madrasah.
  36. In 2026 Madrasah has entrepreneurs who can be used by a student container to develop the entrepreneur soul.
  37. In 2027 Madrasah has a certification agency of profession its own