Ikrar Siswa


The Pledges Students of MINU Pucang

  1. We are ashamed if we do not pray
  2. We are ashamed if not reading the Qur’an and studying it
  3. We are ashamed if we are not submissive and obedient to parents, teachers who are younger
  4. We are ashamed if not reading, studying and writing because it is Allah’s first commandment
  5. We are ashamed if we don’t have commitment to move forward
  6. We are ashamed if today is worse than yesterday
  7. We are ashamed if break the rules of Madrasah

Muslim generation should

  1. Clever, ingenious and intelligent
  2. Leading in worship
  3. Well-mannered speech
  4. Polite in act
  5. Islamic behavior
  6. Focus only seeking the blessings of Allah
  7. Get rid of jealously, envy, greed, stingy and arrogant, ghibah, shirk, do not want to lose
  8. Ready to compete and win it