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MTs Bilingual Muslimat NU Pucang
Integrated Curriculum : Kemenag, Kemendikbud, and Cambridge University. .
Jl. Jenggolo 53 Sidoarjo Telp. 031-8945992.
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Program Madrasah

Dikirim : 2017-07-16 13:50:55


  1. Tartil and Tahfidz.
    • Tartil and Tahfidz Al- Qur’an Intensively from Monday to Friday for 2 hours learning. Students from each class are divided into small groups, one group consist of 15 students using “at tartil”.
  2. Matematika Plus.
    • Matematika Plus is implemented to 1st up to 6th grade by using comprehensive learning approach in counting skill, measurement tools, plain figure, geometry, in one learning context.
  3. RPC (Remidi, Pemantapan, Percepatan)
    • This activity is meant to give remedy to students who haven’t completed in attending learning activities (complete standart in MTs Bilingual Muslimat NU Pucang Sidoarjo if students have already got 8,00 in test, the students will be consolidated to get perfect score 9,00 – 10,00, if the students have already got 9,00 – 10,00 in test, the students will be given enrichment test and continue to the next learning material)
  4. English Learning.
    • English Learning is included in curriculum (6 learning Hours) to increase students english ability, SCC is implemented 4x25 minutes. Language Skill is given to 1st up to 6th grade holding English Day to increase SQ periodically start from 3rd up to 6th grade performing prayer dhuha, dhuhur, ashar routine by congregation. In learning activity, students are always conditioned to read tasbih, tahmid, and tahlil. Praising the glory of Allah after learning knowledge in each learning material. Doing brain refreshing by inhaling oxygen through nose deeply at the same time the heart reads tasbih, tahmid, and exhale carbon dioxide through mouth slowly while heart reads tasbih in 3 movements.
  5. Head turns left, right, down quickly while lifting back. For balancing left and right brain, do hand and foot movement in opposites way and eyes movement is like number 8 sleeping and spinning around for 5 minutes.
  6. If remedial teaching is done by subject teacher is not succesful, the students will be directed to remedial teaching team which is formed by madrasah that is integral part of  guidance and counselling process.
  7. Success and failure level, talent, and academic and non academic achievement, solution to problems that happens to students will be found through guidance and counselling.
  8. Technology information (IT) has been included in MTs Bilingual Muslimat NU Pucang Sidoarjo curriculum in computer learning using Windows XP basis.
  9. Learning hours in MTs Bilingual Muslimat NU Pucang Sidoarjo.
    • 7th – 9th Grade : 06.45 to 16.45
    • Started with “pembiasaan” and pray together at 06.45-07.30, 7th – 9th grade memorize asmaul husna in mosque, perform prayer dhuha by congregation and tadarrus yassin then pray led by students in turn.

      Student’s Achievement Assessment Criteria :

  1. Paper Assessment :
    • It is based on line inquiry
    • It uses English well
    • It contains the up to date information
    • It is systematically
    • The assessment is taken from daily assessment accumulation which is assessed by the teacher.
  2. Social Assessment :
    • They have good attitude
    • They have good talking and use good English
    • They could cooperate with their friends well
    • The assessment is taken by the teacher
    • The representative student (candidate) from each grade is assessed by team, and the winner is taken one for each grade
    • If there are two candidates who have good qualification. The team will assess them in the mosques, in front of all of students. The candidates will describe one of line inquiry which is given by the team, and the student & the team will choose the winner.
    • The winner is free to pay tuition for a month.

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